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01. Death Angel – Truce
02. Skeletonwitch – Bringers of Death
03. Torche – Arrowhead
04. Ludicra – Path of Ash
05. Kylesa – Forsaken
06. Black Tusk – Fatal Kiss
07. Red Fang – Hank Is Dead
08. Black Cobra – Frozen Night
09. Saviours – Dixie Dieway
10. Witch Mountain – Veil of the Forgotten
11. Isis – Pliable Foe
12. Jesu – Dethroned
13. Pelican – Inch Above Sand
14. Zoroaster – Witch Hammer
15. Withered – Extinguished With The Misery
16. Boris – Luna

Being a fan of not only heavy tunes, but also Adult Swim, I was more than pleased to see that they have joined forces, along with Scion A/V to provide us with a compilation of some of the heaviest bands out there in music today. The compilation consists of 16 rare and unreleased tracks from bands such as Torche, Isis, Pelican, Zoroaster, Black Tusk, Kylesa, Death Angel… and more.

Although Adult Swim is no stranger to metal music, already having a show completely based around it with Metalocalypse, and having many metal references spread throughout their vast lineup of shows, it’s cool to see they are keeping up with what bands are kicking ass out there and putting out a gnarly compilation.

And best of all… it’s FREE!! Just click the link and bask in the greatness that is Metal Swim

– DA

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