It seems that my newest musical obsession lies in post-black metal. You take black metal and you throw in more ambient atmospheres, melody, experimentation, and progression, and you have something incredibly awesome. Alcest, Lantlos, Amesoeurs (all of whom share Niege in some capacity), Wolves in the Throne Room, and Agalloch… all awesome. Even with my intrigue in this genre though, I still can’t get into much traditional black metal. It’s the craziest thing.

Well last week I got an email from one George C from the post-black metal band Deafheaven. The band has put out their demo for a 10 cent download (completely worth it, you damn cheapskates) on bandcamp. Feast your ears on this awesome piece of work:

<a href="">demo by deafheaven</a>

It’s really fantastic, and inspiring. Upon hearing Deafheaven’s demo, I’m reminded that I need to continue work on my own musical project I’m steadily working on which takes a strong influence from the genre called Theologiae, through which I released the first song “The Ardor Sanctus,” which features a solo by Tre Watson. Give that a stream below (free download when you click through to bandcamp) and tell me what you think! And yes, the drums need some work.

<a href="">The Ardor Sanctus by Theologiae</a>

So this I request of you, the readers: given my enjoyment of the above mentioned bands, what other blackened metallers should I turn my attention to. Also, any criticisms on my Theologiae project are welcome! I’m also open to bringing other people into the fold, so if you want to collaborate, let me know!

– JR

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