I’ve said it somewhere before (probably every chance I get), but Chevelle are probably the single best radio rock band out there. What other options do you have? Nickelback? Shinedown? Hinder? Gross. Get that shit away from me. No, Chevelle is where it’s at whenever the local radio station decides to act right and actually play some rock. Our local station is called Z-Rock, for Christ sakes, and you can’t turn it on without hearing something that’s been autotuned to death. But I digress a bit. The point I’m making is Chevelle are one of the few bands on the radio I thoroughly enjoy without being ashamed to admit it. Pete Loefler is an actual lyricist, not copping out (so far) and writing the same predictable lyrics about sex, partying, and basic relationship problems.

It took me a while to really get into their latest album Sci-Fi Crimes though. Can’t put my finger on why, though. I think it might be because they’re slowly becoming softer. Even still, they can write some good songs. Their newest single “Shameful Metaphores” is one of the softer songs on the album and it’s still pretty sweet. The video is pretty run of the mill live footage, but…

Sci-Fi Crimes is out now, and it honestly isn’t bad.

– JR

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