We get loads of music submitted from time to time, which makes it hard to get around to and find the gems. Sadly, some have to be ignored (oh dear lord I am so sorry). When I look through all these submissions, something has to stick out to make me remember to come back to it later, whether it be good, bad, or strange.

This instance, it’s pretty strange. Certainly not the strangest thing I’ve ever HEARD, but it is the weirdest thing we’ve gotten in the mailbox, and that is Dead Neanderthalls. Think grindcore influenced drums and saxophone. That’s it.

They currently have a 10 minute EP of primitive drumming and saxaphone “wank” coming out. It’s not bad for what it’s supposed to be, in fact, I kind of like it in that avant garde sorta way. Check out the these tracks and tell me what you think:

<a href="http://deadneanderthals.bandcamp.com/album/dead-neanderthals">Dead Neanderthals by Dead Neanderthals</a>

– JR

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