inb4 “hurr they were always bad XD”

So I was listening to some bands I haven’t listened to in a while and modern melo-death Swedes Blinded Colony popped into my head. Bedtime Prayers was a solid release and I decided to give it a spin again. Then, whilst listening to them, it dawned on me: shouldn’t they have a new album out by now? Fortunately, they don’t, but they did release a demo track of an upcoming song titled “Out of Line” and boy does that title fit perfectly. The new vocalist has awful cleans vocals reminiscent of bands like Bullet For My Valentine and the music is horribly uninteresting. What’s worse is that the singing isn’t even remotely catchy. Lady Gaga is awful, but her music is catchy. This is awful on both fronts. Hell, this is hardly melo-death (or even metal).

You can listen to it here:

Blinded Colony – Out of Line

Another band dead to me.



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