That awesome album art you see there is one of my personal favorite pieces by Dan Seagrave, who is the man. Pretty much everything he does is that awesome, so check him out! Anyways, Becoming The Archetype are a christian progressive death metal band and their 2005 debut album Terminate Damnation is still one of my favorites 5 years later. Needless to say, if you like good music then you should hear it. Why not go ahead and start playing the first track Into Oblivion before you read anymore?


Mmmmm, how about that classical/latin style clean section 2 minutes into the song? If you like that then check out Night’s Sorrow, it’s an entirely instrumental acoustic classical track in the same vein as some of the songs off of The Human Abstract‘s album Nocturne. Good stuff. The band usually leans towards the melodic side of things, as is very obvious when you listen to the epic 11-minute track Elegy which features a lengthy piano section near the end. This doesn’t mean that the music isn’t heavy though, listen to Beyond Adaptation to see what I’m talking about:


That’s one of my favorite tracks because of how fast and crazy it is. Most of the songs on the album have a big epic feel to them which is complemented with tastefully technical musicianship and an odd time signature here and there. There are also plenty of surprises such as the unexpected and beautiful piano section near the start of the album’s final track, The Trivial Paroxysm. What truly makes this album great though, is how every moment of every song ultimately ties in together to make one big epic masterpiece that holds a lot of variety, yet never once compromises itself. Although the band has released two more albums since this one, in my opinion neither of them stands up to the level of quality found Terminate Damnation. BTA will soon be recording their fourth LP though so I’m interested to see what they have come up with. Check them out on myspace, and just for kicks why not watch this video of some punk trying to play the tracks Ex Nihilo and Denouement on guitar:




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