Mar de Grises - Streams InwardsMar de Grises

Streams Inwards

01. Starmaker
02. Shining Human Skin
03. The Bell and the Solar Gust
04. Spectral Ocean
05. Sensing the New Orbit
06. Catatonic North
07. Knotted Delirium
08. A Sea of Dead Comets
09. Aphelion Aura [bonus track]

[Season of Mist | 9/14/10]

There are countless bands out in the world of metal today, and no matter what genre it is (except for anything with the word “core” attached to it), it’s a challenge for a band to make an impression that will get them noticed. So, while doing my daily search for new bands, I came across this melodic death/doom metal band from Chile, Mar de Grises (Sea of Grief), and I must say, I’m very pleased with what I heard.

Doom metal, being known for it’s use of slower tempos, low-tuned guitars and “thicker” sound, is one of the most prominent genres of metal, consisting of bands like Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Candlemass, Reverend Bizarre, Pentagram, Saint Vitus… well, you get the idea. It has a stable backing of bands that have not only influenced and defined the sound, but also the feeling it should convey when one listens to it. Not every band that decides to take on the beast that is doom metal is victorious, however, this is not the case with Mar de Grises. The band utilizes the core elements of doom metal, combining the heavy emotional impact the genre is known for, but also fusing their own progressive and imaginative touch to give their overall sound that extra range of depth, which will appeal to listeners on many levels.

Their latest full-length, Streams Inwards, is a continuation of these elements, and a real feast for the ears. The album as a whole is simply stunning, powerful and full of emotion. From the opening track “Starmaker” to the closing track “A Sea of Dead Comets”, the album shifts from moments of clean guitar and vocal work to a full on assault of deep power chords and bellowing vocals. Vocalist and Keyboardist, Juan Escobar, showcases a lot of depth and delves deep in his range of vocal work, fitting in perfectly with the mournful music the rest of the band (Rodrigo Morris – Guitar, Sergio Alvarez – Guitar, Rodrigo Galvez – Bass, Alejandro Arce – Drums) are dishing out. A second guitar often accompanies intense riffs with melody, that add an extra layer of emotion, and the keyboard gives that extra bit of depressing/mournful aura that fully fleshes out the song/album. The bonus track “Aphelion Aura”, which is available on the digipack version of the album, envelops the listener in an ambient atmosphere where soothing female vocals take the forefront. The album still closes strong, even without the added bonus track. The actual closing track, “A Sea of Dead Comets”, is 8 minutes of resonating/harmonizing guitars, mournful vocals and thunderous drumming, which brings the journey to an emotional end.

Streams Inwards demonstrates the talent and passion the band has for writing music. There are plenty of transitions throughout the album to keep the listener surprised and the flow of the album will keep them hooked. It’s in no way a masterpiece, but I believe it’s an album worthy of being added to anyones metal collection.

Mar de Grises – Streams Inwards gets…


– DA

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