I’m not entirely sure if I’ve ever mentioned Envy on here before, but since I’m too lazy to check, I’m treating this like the first time.

Envy are a Japanese post-rock/screamo band, and they are pretty wonderful. I discovered them through Cyclamen‘s Hayato Imanishi, who praises them and wears their influence on his sleeve. And rightly so; their music feels like an exhilarating rush of fresh air.

Envy have an album coming out soon called Recitation coming out next month that I’m looking forward to. In promoting their new album, The New Review tells me that Envy are giving away an mp3 of their song, “A Breath Clad In Happiness” for free. You can stream and download the track below.

Envy – A Breath Clad In Happiness

Recitation is due out October 12th on Temporary Residence. Keep an eye out!

– JR

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