Britain is small, isolated, and confuses the hell out of a lot of people – but trust me, it’s not all toffs, tea and queuing politely. We have produced, and still are producing some kick-arse bands

This is your chance to learn a little something about the British metal scene, and for me to spout off a bunch of nonsensical idioms. It’s gonna be reet good! And so ladies and gentledudes, with that in mind, Heavy Blog Is Heavy is proud to present:

Let’s just dive right in shall we?


Rinoa, featuring ex-members of Crydebris and Symmetry, have had both of their solo efforts produced by the mighty Johnny Renshaw of Devil Sold His Soul, as well as releasing a split EP in 2009 with the now defunct Bossk, from which the above track, Fires In The Distant North, is taken.

They’re from Essex, where ‘levva’ is a material made from cow skins, a ‘corta panda’ is a hamburger, and those with a lot of money are considered ‘welfie’ – but we won’t hold such linguistic transgressions against them

Czech ’em on the Space of My.

– CG

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