It’s been a while since we’ve had any news from Cincinnati, Ohio’s At The Throne Of Judgment (or ‘The Fudge’ as they sometimes like to call themselves). One of the few bands on Rise Records that I don’t despise, their debut album The Arcanum Order came out back in ’07 and while I’m not really into metalcore and deathcore styled stuff as much as I used to be, I still find myself listening to and enjoying this technical and melodic album. Check out one of my favorite tracks Martyrdom; Ruin Of Gaia below to see what I’m talking about:


Some of my favorite aspects of the album are the vocals, the guitar tone, and the excellent solos. If you like that song then be sure to check out the rest of the album because it’s all great.

The band broke up for a while and then announced that they were getting back together and releasing a new album titled Twilight Kings as you can see on their myspace page. They even posted a demo track from the album last year but they’ve been pretty quite since then. Here’s to hoping that they get their act together and release some new music in the future!


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