Within the Ruins


01. Designing Oblivion
02. Versus
03. Behold the Harlot
04. Red Flagged
05. Invade
06. Ataxia
07. Crossbuster
08. Feast or Famine
09. Oath
10. The Carousser
11. Roads

[Victory | 08/31/10]

Being one of the few bands on Victory worth a damn, Within the Ruins come out swinging on their second full length album, Invade. Being fast paced, melodic, and technical, they have the making for something great. Unfortunately, some of those punches fail to connect.

There are some rather brilliant moments throughout Invade, but in the grand scheme of things, they seem to be pretty minuscule when breakdowns are thrown in without a second’s thought. These guys can definitely bring the riffs and shred, and while no doubt talented, they don’t use this to their full advantage. Don’t hide behind the veil of prog when you throw in a couple of new riffs and leads between breakdowns.

That aside, when the band does decide to show their chops, things get awesome. Epic leads, tech riffs, and blistering solos do manage to find life, especially in songs like “Invade” and the instrumental “Ataxia.” It’s enough to forgive them for using open chugs too much; it’s just too bad there’s not enough of a dynamic going on.

The vocal work here is as you would expect from a metalcore/deathcore band. Consistent growls in the way of vocalist Tim Goergen are quite competent in their delivery, at times conveying emotions fairly convincingly. Lyrics are also on point for the genre, although there isn’t much to write home about outside of the amusing blasphemies in “Versus.”

I give the band a hard time, but they are a cut above the average and I want to see them succeed. A better grip on songwriting would be beneficial. Invade isn’t bad at all. In fact, it’s actually a solid listen, but these guys are capable of more than “solid.” Maybe next time?

Within the Ruins – Invade gets…


– JR

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