Devin Townsend ain’t stupid. He knows we wanted new music, and we wanted it soon.

Here’s Devin’s word on the clip:

So this is record 4 of the dtp, but I’m recording it third, because Deconstruction (3) is a nightmare technically and I wanted to make something lovely before diving into that.

There are a number of guests on the album, but the core is me, Dave Young (Keyboards) Mike St-Jean (Drums) and the fabulous Kat Epple of flute.

I’m about 2 weeks into this one, and I’ve got about a month and a half more work to do if I keep my schnoz to the grindstone.

I’ll keep you posted…

Oh yeah, please remember (and tell your friends…):

THIS IS NOT THE HEAVY ALBUM, that one is next…but they both get released simultaneously so all us misanthropes will have something to vent with before reading a National Geo to Ghost.

This is so damn good. Musically, it reminds my of NIN‘s Ghosts. There’s a pattern here, no? Not saying Devin’s ripping anyone off (he isn’t), but brilliant minds think alike, and both works are aptly named and fit the atmosphere of the music. I cannot wait for this or Deconstruction, to out early 2011.

– JR

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