The fuck?

Last night, Architects debuted their new song “Day In Day Out” on BBC’s Radio 1 Rock from their upcoming album The Here and Now. A low quality rip has been made available on YouTube for those who couldn’t hear it.

My initial thoughts went something like, “The fuck is this? This must be Norma Jean or something and they’re pulling a fast one on us.” This new song sounds like it came from an entirely different band, sounding as if they’re trying to appeal to an American audience, proving that Europeans think we have terrible taste.

Well, okay, we do… but cut it the fuck out.

The song itself is a bit of a grower once the shock wore off. After all, just about every similar band sounds more mainstream as they further their careers. It was only about time for Architects to reach that point. Hollow Crown was pretty unique and stood out to me, but if the rest of the new album sounds like this, it seems that they’ve traded in their crowns for ironic trucker hats. So much for being technical and proggy, right?

But what’s done is done. What do you guys think of the new song?

– JR


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