01. Leere I
02. Leere II
03. Leere III
04. Leere IV
05. In der Leere
06. Leere V
07. Leere VI
08. Leere VII
09. Leere VIII
[Folter Records | 06/18/10]

When Jimmy presented me the opportunity to check out some black metal album sent to us, I took it out of intrigue since I haven’t heard much black metal this year, and so Jimmy wouldn’t review a good bm and cry about it (ilu anyway). I don’t know much about the band, except that they are from Germany and have 5 members (Akhorahil – vocals, Sorath – guitar, Vulgrim – guitar, Corpse – bass, Grond – drums). As the first song rolled into my ears, after a couple seconds I was able to process something very soon. This isn’t bad. Hell, within a couple seconds I was enjoying it without even being very far in at all. This album has a certain charm that I think a lot of bands go for, but never obtain.

Akhorahil’s vocals are simply delightful in a tortured, and some times very throaty and deep traditional black metal snarl via the German language that fans of the genre should most likely enjoy. The overall gist of the album is very simple, and done many times before. It is a straight forward 2nd wave black metal album. There is some light synth sprinkled throughout, and the guitars are all in a high tempo tremolo picked fashion with blast beats galore and what have you. The atmosphere is very cold and frostbitten, like it damn well should be.

None of the songs on this album besides the interlude “In der Leere” and the closing track “Leere VIII” are particularly discernible from one another. They all flow together seamlessly. Normally, people would consider this a large problem, but this album’s charm and great instrumental work keep it away from boring and into the realm of cohesive listening experience. I had no problem plowing through this album and I was thoroughly entertained. This album presents nothing new to the genre, but it doesn’t weary our ears on the subject either.

Thorngoth – Leere gets…




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