I seriously enjoy me some Veil of Maya. Although I had much higher expectations for their latest album [id], it was still a good album that has since grown on me even more. Seeing them perform live on Summer Slaughter was also a treat. These guys are definitely at the forefront of the deathcore scene, although that might be a bit like saying you sit in the back seat of the short bus, I suppose.

Anywho, Veil of Maya finally debuted their video for “Unbreakable” yesterday. The video itself is a cut above the rest of the videos seen coming out of this genre. Sure, it’s a bit of a performance video, but there’s some other stuff going on too. What that stuff is exactly, I’m not sure. Just watch it.

Nice touch with the typewriter following the bass kicks, as the triggering makes them sound identical. That’s not a good thing. Also, there’s no bassist. That’s something I couldn’t un-notice. That aside, the video was easy on the eyes and totally not annoying. Success!

Veil of Maya‘s [id] is out now on Sumerian Records. Give it a listen somewhere.

– JR

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