Before we get started, DO NOT judge them by on appearance, as “cliche Myspace band”. Well okay, you can a LITTLE, but you get my point. Anyways, Detroit Michigan’s own We Came As Romans release a new single yesterday that goes by the name “To Move Is To Grow” exclusively on Facebook. As far as how it sounds, it’s pretty much still We Came As Romans and if you’ve listened to the debut full length from the guys, you’ve practically heard it before. This isn’t entirely a bad thing however. I’ve always (and will continue to) endorsed this band as one of the few $c3n3 metalcore bands I actually enjoy listening to. This being due to their particular approach to their genre; focus on syncopation and somewhat interesting note/chord progressions that don’t usually follow the old 8-5-0 (or some other combination there of). The song itself has its pros and cons (synth breakdowns, FUUUUUUUU).

Granted, I fully admit to these guys sounding pretty generic and to the average listener, they would blend in with most of their awful, cliche peers. If you have a burning hatred for these sorts of bands, you won’t enjoy the new song at all. However, if you’re either a 12 year old girl or just have an open mind,  “To Move Is To Grow” and We Came As Romans are worth a shot, and to anyone disputing my manliness: I wrote this post while listening to Iron Age. Flame me – you won’t!

– JB


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