It feels like I’ve been waiting on this album forever, but I’ve only really been anticipating it for a few months now. While it seems that they are reworking some of the songs from their album (EP?) Apparition (this new song “Advent” is a reworking of “Realms”), I feel that the songs so far have been of great benefit from the new vocalist.

For those that are not aware of The Contortionist, they take a progressive approach to deathcore, adding ambient layers, spacey melodic sections, and proggy riffs. I think the approach is a breath of fresh air, allowing low chugs to actually flourish in the context of a song.

You can check out “Advent” over at Metalsucks. It actually debuted yesterday, but I was at school and had shit to do. Such is life. Exoplanet comes out next week, August 31st, on Good Fight Music.

So excite.

– JR


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