All That Remains - For We Are ManyOctober 12th will see the release of the fifth album by New England metal (not so much lately though) act All That Remains. The new album is entitled “For We Are Many” and will most likely follow in the same suite of their last few releases. How do I know this? I don’t, it’s just my assumption of the band not really improving or progressing in their songwriting for quite some time, so I can’t see anything new coming from these guys. I personally haven’t listened to any of their albums since This Darkened Heart, I heard one song from Fall of Ideals and knew it was best to stay far away from them…. and I have yet to come back. Although, I will occasionally give a listen when they release a new track, but the usual outcome is the same… nothing much has changed. But enough of my opinionated ramblings, lets hear what vocalist Phil Labonte has to say about this artwork and what they hope to get from their new album:

“I’m really proud of the artwork for this disc, I wanted it to be heavy and let the art speak for itself. That was part of the reason for leaving the name of the band off the cover.” (yet, there it is… interesting) Labonte continued, “This is the first time I’ve had the idea for a cover before we started. Other discs, I would tell the artist, ‘I can tell ya what I don’t want, but I can’t tell ya what I want.’ Travis Smith is really cool to work with. He’d done ‘The Fall of Ideals,’ so I knew him and he’s great to work with. I’d told him what I wanted, and it came together pretty fast. Hope people dig it like we do.”

The artwork is alright. I do like the simplicity of it, nothing too crazy on the eyes, and it gives a sense of something dark and forbidding. I still have my doubts though, as artwork does not always equate to an album being great or even decent for that matter. I’ve fallen for that in the past and I do my best to avoid it nowadays.

– DA


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