Canvas Solaris


01. Adaptive Optics
02. Conveyance Of Flux
03. The Horizons Feast On Stars
04. Glacier
05. Accelerated Testing Phase
06. Threads Of Dead Space
07. Soliton (Emergence From Dispersion)
08. Vapor Chasm
09. Null Proximity

[Sensory Records | 7/13/10]

It’s a shame that Statesboro, Georgia’s Canvas Solaris aren’t more well known. They’ve been together since 1999, and with 6 great releases now under their belts they deserve to get noticed a lot more than they do. I’ve been a fan of the band for some time and all the material they’ve put out in the past has been good, but with Irradiance, the band has easily surpassed all of my expectations with an album that is truly remarkable.

For everyone who is unfamiliar with Canvas Solaris, they’re an instrumental progressive metal group with kind of a spacey/scientific theme to their music, as you can tell by looking at their album and song titles. Sonically, I’d put them in the same category with bands such as Exivious, Animals As Leaders, Scale The Summit, CHON, and even Blotted Science.

Like with all of their music, the stuff on Irradiance is very technical with constantly changing time signatures and tempos. Oh how I love trying to count beats when listening through this album. They don’t sacrifice groove in doing this though, which is an impressive show of their songwriting skill. You can listen to the superb 5/4 section at the end of “The Horizons Feast On Stars” for a great example of this. Overall this album carries a pretty sense of melody throughout, with little tinges of darkness occasionally and it’s a very nice balance for this genre of music.

One of the great things about Irradiance is how everything comes together so well. The guitars are always flowing between beautiful harmonies and rhythm/lead sections, occasionally stepping back and letting the bass take the spotlight for a bit. All of this is backed by some amazing percussion which not only consists of a conventional drum set, but also includes various hand drums and a tambourine. These percussive elements really put a unique and wonderful twist on the music, which is most prevalent in the songs “Threads Of Dead Space” and “Null Proximity“. Speaking of “Null Proximity”, it’s a fully acoustic track and it makes for a perfect end to this album.

The only complaint I have about this album is that band sometimes repeats sections too many times before moving on with the rest of the song, and this causes some parts to get a little stale. This is a very small complaint though, because there are only a few instances of this on Irradiance and most of the time the flow of the music is just right.

Overall this is without a doubt Canvas Solaris’ finest work yet and it should please any fan of the genre. Everything is nice and tight and the album flows smoothly from start to finish with not a single song falling short of excellence. Check the band out on myspace and give them some support if you like what they’re doing; they deserve it.

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