Formerly know as The Syncope Threshold, this group from Upland, CA changed their name to I, Omega back in January of this past year. They play a progressive and technical brand of metal in the same vein as I Am Abomination, Protest The Hero, and Corellia, although they can sometimes have more of a punky feel to their music. They released one album under their old name last year, titled Tale Of The Complex Circuit and I think it’s a pretty nice piece of work. I’ll go ahead and say that some people will probably hate this band because of the vocals; they may take some getting used to but I’ve grown to enjoy the vocals of front man Joseph Garcia. Anyways, if you enjoy listening to any of the bands I mentioned above then be sure to check I, Omega out on myspace. Also, here is one of my favorite tracks from Tale Of The Complex Circuit:


(The quality of this video is kind of crappy but it’s better on the actual album)


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