You know what’s going on this week? A whole fucking lot, that’s what!

Check em.

Amorphis – Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes [DVD/CD] (Nuclear Blast)
The Binary Code – Priest [EP] (Independent)
Black Label Society – Order Of The Black (E1)
Blood Of Kingu – Sun In the House of the Scorpion (Candlelight)
Bonded By Blood – Exiled To Earth (Earache)
Colossus – Drunk On Blood (Tribunal)
Divinity – The Singularity (Candlelight)
Godflesh – Streetcleaner [Re-Release] (Earache)
Halford – Live In Anaheim (DVD) (Metal God)
Hawkwind – Blood Of The Earth (Eastworld)
Ion Dissonance – Cursed (Century Media)
Kreator – Hordes Of Chaos [Ultra Riot Edition] (SPV)
Maniac Butcher – Masakr (Negative Existence)
Negura Bunget – Vîrstele Pamîntului (MVD)
Pro-Pain – Absolute Power (Regain)
Rain – Dad Is Dead (MVD)
(Sic)Monic – Somnambulist (MVD)
Street Sweeper Social Club – Ghetto Blaster (SSSC/ILG)
Thou – Summit (Gilead)
Vanisher – The History Of Saints (Tribunal)
Vindicator – The Antique Witcheries (Heavy Artillery)
Waking The Cadaver – Beyond Cops Beyond God (Siege Of Amida)
Yaotl Mictlan – Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac (Candlelight)

Have a good week, everyone!

– JR


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