If you haven’t heard Fleshwrought‘s debut album Dementia/Dyslexia, then you are missing out on some of the best proggy tech death of the year. I thought it was amazing, and if you have any sense about you, you should at least find it enjoyable to some degree. One of the songs has a (midi?)  saxophone solo, for fuck’s sake. That’s awesome.


So now it looks like the two man project (featuring music by Navene Koperweis of Animosity/Animals As Leaders and vocals by Jonny Davey of Job For A Cowboy) is tossing around the idea of playing some shows, to which I say, “FUCK YES.”

As you can see in the above video, Navene kills it in the guitar parts while drummer Alex Rudinger pounds away, proving that the album was more than just some protools wizardry. This shit can be pulled off spotlessly.

More info to come when there’s something to report. Meanwhile, go listen to Dementia/Dyslexia — out now on Metal Blade — and bask in its glory.


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