How am I just now hearing about Corellia? This is right up my alley!

So who are Corellia exactly? Think intensely melodic progressive metal on par with the likes of Haunted Shores, Periphery, and Protest The Hero. If you’re into catchy vocal hooks with your metal, then this is where you should turn your attention to for the time being.

The band just posted a new song called “Glass Faces,” which comes off of their upcoming EP. The vocals might take some getting used to, as I know is the case with Periphery for a lot of you guys, but the 80’s metal sounding melody and delivery in the song’s chorus is too catchy to hate. Unless you’re a bad person, of course.

Their similarities with Periphery don’t end in the music however, as Matt Murphy is producing their EP. This is the same Matt Murphy that produced the vocals for Periphery’s debut. Small world! I’m keeping my eye on this band for sure.

Enjoy this picture of epic prog I’m painting? Check out Corellia on MySpace.

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