This past summer has been full of great tours here in North America, and one of the ones I’ve been most excited for is the Over The Limit Tour. With a fairly solid lineup of mostly techy deathcore bands, with a few exceptions, I was expecting a pretty good show. I’ll go ahead and tell you I was disappointed with what some of them had to offer, but the show only cost me $10 and it was only an hour drive to Ground Zero in Spartanburg SC from where I live so I’m not complaining.

One of the bands I was most excited to see, openers Son Of Aurelius are only on select dates of the tour, and of course it’s just my luck that they’re not playing the date I go to. Huge disappointment there, but luckily they are playing there in October later this year with Burning The Masses and Cattle Decapitation so I’ll probably go to see them then. This Or The Apocalypse opened for this show, but I was running late and arrived just as they were finishing their set. I like their newest album Haunt What’s Left for the most part and I was looking forward to seeing them play the new stuff live so missing them was a bummer.

The second band up was Blindwitness who succeeded in playing a lot of open breakdowns and being generic. I’m glad they played an early slot at least so they were out of the way.

Next up, all the way from Finland was Circle Of Contempt. I was looking forward to seeing them, but they really exceeded my expectations and pleasantly surprised me with how tight and together they were. Definitely a highlight of the show, I would recommend making an effort to go see them if they play anywhere close to you. After them was Burning The Masses who I also thought were great. I could tell by how they carried themselves that they’re just a bunch of goofy dudes having fun doing what they love and I appreciate that. Probably the most techy band on the tour, the sweep pickery may have been a little overboard but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. They ended their set with instrumental track Galactic Abduction which is my favorite from their album Mind Control, so that was pretty awesome to see. Another band I would recommend, to anyone who is into tech-death.

After them, Thick As Blood came on. They were hardcore. They played a lot of breakdowns and power chords. I don’t know why they think they need two guitarists. They were the first band the crowd really warmed up to though. Figures. I didn’t enjoy their set, and the fact that the drunken bassist from Arsonists Get All The Girls spent two minutes trying to convince me to mosh to their crappy music didn’t really help.

Thankfully my night was about to get a lot better thanks to The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza. I got a spot right in front of Josh so I could almost touch his 8-string! We exchanged a few words while they were setting up and he seems like a really nice guy, which is awesome along with the fact that he’s a sick guitar player. When they started playing I enjoyed every second of terrible sounding harmonies along with all the time signature shifts and djent. They put on a great show and the crowd seemed to really enjoy them; it’s a shame the concert was all down hill from there.

I’ve never loved Arsonists Get All The Girls, but I’ve never hated them either, and seeing them play live didn’t really change how I feel about them. I’m always skeptical when a band uses synth; most bands who do really abuse it, although there are a few exceptional bands who actually use it well. I’d say AGATG fall somewhere in the middle of that, so it could be worse. They did have some pretty interesting parts in their songs that I enjoyed, but overall I thought their set dragged on a bit longer than it should have.

As Blood Runs Black played second to last. I used to really like these guys, once upon a time, so it was fun to hear them play stuff that I used to listen to a lot. When it comes down to it though there are a million bands that sounds like ABRB and none of them are doing anything interesting. They probably played a good set, but I wouldn’t know because their new bassist had his amp up way too loud and you couldn’t hear much of anything else.

Last was Oceano, and that was my que to head home.


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