Fall Of Enosis

Empty Throne

01. A Face Like A City
02. 15 Minutes
03. O, Discordia
04. …by the Light of our Burning House
05. The Last King
06. The New Breed

[Independent | 02/09/10]

It’s no secret that I love it when bands manage to be proggy and technical and still manage to be interesting, and Fall Of Enosis‘ second EP Empty Thrones is certainly a trip.  For the unfamiliar, Fall of Enosis sounds like a cross between Arsonists Get All The Girls and The Crinn with more experimentation in slower melodic jazz-inspired sections. If that sounds like your type of game, keep on reading.

Although carrying a very slight deathcore sound at times, the band have enough talent and virtuosity between them to transcend the boundaries of the genre by throwing out flashy and dizzying guitar riffs left and right in a progressive structure and mindset. The musicianship is all manner of technical and somewhat brutal. The environment imposed throughout this 6-song EP is a bit chaotic and maddening, exemplified in the transition from melodic jazz sections into contrasting mathcore-style dissonant freakouts. This dichotomy makes things a bit unpredictable, and this makes for an interesting listen.

The drumming is normally something I don’t pay much attention to, but the drumming is top notch here. The drum fills are huge and the jazz inspiration shows through nuanced snare rolls. The vocal work is on par and quite fitting for what the band are going for, save for when things take a turn in favor of spoken word, which I could do without. Otherwise, the band sound tight and on their game together, being a well oiled machine with only a few kinks to work out as they grow as a band.

Fall of Enosis are a band I will definitely have to keep my eyes and ears open for in the future, as I’m sure a full length debut would be crazy. The extra time allotted would give the songs room to breathe with a more steady pace, which could definitely be an improvement, as was the case with The Crinn and their debut album. I can’t wait to see where FOE ends up next.

Fall of Enosis – Empty Throne gets


– JR

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