Iron Thrones

The Wretched Sun

01. Like a Moth to Flame
02. Ever Flowing
03. Against the Grain
04. I Once Had the Crown
05. Forever Glowing
06. And the Sky Came Falling Down

[Independent | 07/27/10]

Today I received an urgent telegram from HQ on my telecomputer machine. It urged me to contact General Jimmy post-haste for a briefing on brand new intelligence. Not wanting a stiff reprimand and a week of toilet duties, I reported in immediately. The toilets here are naasty. We’re talking previously undiscovered lifeforms here.

It turned out that, after what seems like a seriously inordinate amount of time, our very own review copy of Iron Thrones‘ new EP The Wretched Sun had landed on the dusty porch at the Heavy Blog trailer whilst I was out scavenging for roadkill. Boy hecky! And I found a racoon! Best day ever.

My instructions were simple: “If you don’t give this 5/5, I will buy a plane ticket to the UK, find your house and do unforgivable things!”

So then! Well done guys, see you for the next album!

But in all seriousness, Jimmy has a point. Almost everyone we know has been going a little nuts for the Minnesotan four-piece, but it’s with good reason – the same reason, no doubt, for which they won the Scion ‘No Label Needed’ contest. This EP – and I use the term ‘EP’ in context of its six tracks, because at forty-one minutes, it is more like an album – is the product of a healthy few days spent with producer Will Putney as part of the prize.

As they move forward with their career, the comparisons with the superlative Visions of Light are going to dog them, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They are very different records, and I think it’s to their credit that, rather than stick with a successful formula, they’ve taken what they learned and evolved – into a motherfucking Charizard.

Instrumentally, the band remains on top form. Although still clearly informed by their main influences, it is pleasing to note that they are able to avoid the trap of straight compositional piracy that so many other bands fall into. Iron Thrones have their own sound – it’s undeniable – and it is meaty, like a big meaty bear.

But there are delectable, hitherto untapped aspects to their music, too. Delightfully, we now have some delicately-used clean vocal sections, courtesy of guitarist Steve Henningsgard. These sit in stark contrast to Adam Cleman’s flooring gutturals, as do the more melodic sections of music to the full-force of the band in their element. It’s things like this that help push to capacity the potential of each and every song.

I’ve said it before, but these guys really know how to work as a team. You couldn’t credit one member more than the other for pulling their weight. All of the parts work in conjunction like some kind of engine, not only made of but imbued with the very spirit of metal!

It is all the more satisfying, then, to watch the band growing from strength to strength. The advice and tutelage they have received over the recent weeks and months is having a real impact in terms of their visibility, and as a result, their ability to reach their fans (both current and new). They’re utilizing their website and social media. They’ve teased the sweet bajebus out of us with pre-release tidbits from this record. They’ve even started to set up street teams ahead of their TNOTB-sponsored tour later this year, in the hope that people will turn up to see them.

And if you can, you should. I’m not going to lie to you: I have no idea what they’re like on stage, but if they put half as much effort into their live show as they clearly have into this record, then they’ll be a treat to watch. I mean if nothing else, try and steal a lock of Henningsgard’s mighty hair – I hear it has restorative powers (if you know what I mean), and fetches a mean price on eBay.

There’s plenty more in which I could go into further detail, but instead I’m just going to leave you with this, which should be more than enough:

Iron Thrones’ The Wretched Sun gets



You can listen to the album (and buy it when you click through) below!

<a href="">Like A Moth To Flame by Iron Thrones</a>

– CG

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