The Eyes Of A Traitor


01. Prologue
02. The Birth
03. Come To My Senses
04. The Real You
05. Your Old Ways
06. Talk Of The Town
07. Nothing To Offer
08. Breathless
09. Crumble And Break
10. Grounded

    British melodic deathcore giants The Eyes of A Traitor have long been a respected group within their hardcore circles. It’s no surprise their new album was awaited by many listeners with baited breath. The Eyes sophomore release attempts to lure in new fans with a more metalcore sound reminiscent of For the Fallen Dreams and Killswitch Engage, but seems to have some internal conflict with the melodic roots of its past.

    The album opens up with “The Birth”, which I found to be an appropriately disappointing segue into the rest of the album. “The Birth” marks the first appearance of clean vocals in a The Eyes recording; the combination of clean vocals coupled with underwhelming instrumentals creates an almost screamo sound. The album doesn’t start to pick up until you reach the fourth track “Talk of the Town” which has a sound redolent of The Eye’s first album By Sunset. I caught myself smiling with the anticipation of being reunited with an old friend. Deep screams and some melodies allowed my head to bob with the rhythm. I was hoping for a repeat, and fortunately, “Nothing to Offer” ends up offering a follow-up triumph to “Talk of the Town” and includes some technical playing fans can find solace in with the tremolo picked bridge in a style that The Eyes have been known to love and use in past releases. I hoped that the beginning of this album was a fluke and the past two songs were a transition leading up to the real fruit this album bears. Unfortunately, I was wrong. From the title track onward you’re assaulted by tired and unoriginal riffs that make you feel like a jaded listener. That’s one of the worst things an album or group could do — at that point one starts to question the line between jadedness and plagiarism (See: Emmure). By the outro I was begging for it to stop. I knew it was too late for The Eyes to redeem themselves, but if they wanted to entertain me, I wouldn’t complain. With the complaints I’ve already registered, I’m sure it’s quite obvious how my opinion of the outro stands.

    I’ve always been a fan of melodic -core music, and specifically The Eyes of A Traitor, although I admit it took me a while to warm up to their first full-length release A Clear Perception, I didn’t push it away. The Eye’s had an unmistakable tone with beautiful melodies coursing through each song, it seems that the melodies were cashed in for emulation of more popular metalcore bands. I wouldn’t suggest listening to this album if you’re a The Eyes fan. If perhaps you consider yourself more a connoisseur of Unearth‘s later material and mediocre metal riffs then I invite you by all means to indulge in this album, because you will find this album rife with much of the latter. Breathless is an appropriate name for this album, The Eyes of a Traitor really choked on this release.

    The Eyes Of A Traitor – Breathless gets…




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