Normally when people ask me to check out their new djent project, I sigh and think to myself “sure, I guess.” The novelty is starting to wear off this djent movement, I think. It’s the big thing among home-bread independent musicians that sounded cool at first, and no disrespect to the circle of bigger and better established bands and projects that utilize the sound, but the over saturation of Meshuggah carbon copies leaves little ground to be broken. I think we should stick to what we have now before we hit critical mass, unless of course you manage to do something different.

However, one Doug Dobert of Milwaukee has released the very much awesome and catchy “Holes in the Wall of Sound” under the name of his project GURU. It’s the first song in his project of its kind (others include R&B and House style instrumentals as well as an acoustic cover of “All Along The Watchtower”), but more are in the works. The song features vocals from Sean Smull, who does a great job all around. There’s something kinda different about the sound going on here as well, in that I can’t name a band that sounds exactly like this.

Check the song out below and revel in its win.

[soundcloud url=””]

– JR

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