My response to anyone getting butthurt over musical differences

Inspired by the inane ramblings of fanboys when their favorite band is under scrutiny. Everyone just needs to relax, take a deep breath and realize not everyone is out to laugh at your musical taste or bash bands simply for the sake of it. In fact, and I know this may come as a shock to many people, not everyone has the same musical taste!

Now, I like to consider myself well-informed of the internet and its happenings. Not only this, but its nature as well. I realize anyone can be an obnoxious troll, or that 12-year-olds can get their hands on a forum and make absurd and invalid fanboy arguments (see Xbox Republic), but I’ve come to wonder: is it just me or is everyone getting more uptight and angsty about a certain band not having 100% approval? Go on Last.FM, make a negative statement about a band or album and watch as the brigade of butthurt tremors the Earth in fury as they destroy the shoutbox with “fag”, “you’re retarded” and “you like x band so your opinion doesn’t matter.” In retrospect, everyone has musical differences. Bob may like T-Pain and Cannibal Corpse, but he may dislike Atheist and Death. Is it really that big of a deal? Is everyone suddenly fucking retarded? There’s a difference between making erroneous statements and having an opinion. Calling Cryptopsy crunkcore is a flatout lie, but not liking Cryptopsy‘s older work and enjoying their new stuff does not make a person ignorant, “untrue” or even stupid. The stigma of certain genres and bands is disgusting. Not everyone who likes Korn is an angst-ridden teenager nor is everyone who likes death metal weird and socially inept. But I’ll save that for another rant.

I think one of the worst reasons for getting rectally pained over someone sharing a different opinion is when you think said person isn’t qualified to listen to a certain band. As an argument to presdispositional dislike that is fair, as someone who hates metal should not be forming well-thought opinions on metal in the first place, but that’s it. One person said I was not qualified to listen to The Acacia Strain‘s new album because I don’t like breakdowns? That claim is as untrue as pigs flying because I do not HATE breakdowns. I hate when they’re done poorly. I hate when a song is just breakdown after breakdown. I hate when everything is just a chug-a-long in half-time that all sounds the same. I probably didn’t mention this, but I love The Acacia Strain. I was just disappointed and thoroughly unhappy with their latest release because it was uninspired and lacked the signature sound of Continent. Am I suddenly not allowed to express my opinion on a CD because I didn’t enjoy it? Am I unqualified simply because their older work is much better? Does that make me biased against the style of The Acacia Strain? LOLWUT?

Digression aside, people just need to take a chill pill. If your world is greyscale, a world where only you and your clones exist, then your head is too far up your ass to save at this point. Hell, this anal pain may just be some type of insecurity I don’t suffer from, but nevertheless opinions =/= facts. And your opinion is no better than anyone else. Didn’t they teach equality in school?

This is how I kill time on a Wednesday night so do not confuse this rambling as something that’s ‘getting to me’ as it’s certainly not. I’d simply like to know… why? Why do some people get aneurysms over their favorite band getting negative feedback? I wish I could categorize the gluteus maximus discomfort as trolling, but I truly believe some people get worked up over a different opinion.

Haters ARE gonna hate. And I’m one of them.

PS: I don’t like Cynic at all. WHAT NOW, FUCKERS?



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