The Binary Code

Priest [EP]

01. Ocean of Light
02. Priest
03. Encircled
04. Priest (8-bit)

I must admit, I showed up late to the party that New Jersey’s The Binary Code were throwing. Sure, I saw all the gushing from Metalsucks, but I paid very little attention to the band until a promo copy of their new EP Priest (due out August 10th) fell into my proverbial lap a couple of weeks ago.

“Might as well give it a shot,” I said to myself as I hit play. I had no excuse to ignore them anymore; they went out of their way to send me a free copy. The least I could do is give it a legitimate listen.

Ten minutes later, a much perkier and enthusiastic version of myself hit the nets to listen to the band’s debut album, 2009’s Suspension of Disbelief. I think me and this “The Binary Code” are going to be getting along quite nicely in the future. I’m almost ashamed that I put off listening to them for so long.

Priest opens with the instrumental, “Ocean of Light.” Unlike the title would lead you to believe, this song is a doom and sludge-inspired intro in which the EP lumbers onto its feet. This ominous track makes way for the centerpiece and title track, “Priest,” which grooves on in subtly melodic progressive riffs. This song is made for headbanging, with pummeling rhythms and anthemic lyrics such as “I will not follow; I will not kneel.”

The third and final song “Encircled” is less restrained than “Priest,” which goes batshit insane in the song’s final moments with technical riffing and tapping runs and a laid back guitar solo. The song ends almost abruptly in a piano outro.

The EP also contains a bonus track, an 8-bit version of “Priest”. This actually feels like old school game music at some points, and the band obviously paid attention to detail on this port to 8-bit synths. They did more than give us a shitty Guitar Pro backing track, that’s for sure. This track isn’t really necessary, although it is interesting in its novelty.

If you’re like me and missed out on this band in the past, what we’re looking at here is basically progressive death/metalcore, very much akin to Gojira and a less genre-spastic Between The Buried And Me, influences that The Binary Code proudly wear on their sleeves. They do experiment a little bit with a jazz section or two on Suspension of Disbelief, but that’s missing on this more straightforward EP. Even still, this EP does not disappoint. The Binary Code are definitely worth checking out if you’re into progressive and technical metal.

The Binary Code – Priest gets…


– JR

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