While I wasn’t too stoked on their new album, I thought Korn’s performance in “The Encounter” was pretty entertaining, and it was good to see them play the classics. Cheesiness of the crop circle aside, it’s awesome that they did this. Not many bands pay to produce a show like this and put it online for free. You have to respect something like that, whether you like the band or not. Watch the hour-long performance below.


Korn | MySpace Music Videos

Here’s the set list:

Pop a Pill
Let The Guilt Go
Here To Stay
Falling Away From Me
Throw Me Away
Move On
The Past
Freak On A Leash
Are You Ready To Live
Shoots and Ladders
Got The Life

The set could have used some Untouchables and Untitled representation, in my opinion, but it was an enjoyable show!

– JR

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