Cyclamen are on the verge of finally releasing their first full length album, Senjyu. Unlike the split EP with Haunted Shores and the Dreamers 2010 Re-release, Senjyu sees Hayato Imanishi once again becoming the sole source of musicianship and artistic direction, as was the case from the very beginning, aside from a few tracks featuring Sky Eats Airplane’s Travis Orbin on drums.

“It has been 2 years since I started working on tracks for this album, when Cyclamen was still my solo project,” says Hayato. “It was so personal that it only made sense for me to write the entire album because I just couldn’t explain emotions I wanted to express in any way other than by music.”

The title Senjyu comes from “Senjyu-Sengen-Kannon (千手千眼観音),” a Japanese God that saves all mankind with its thousand hands and eyes, which is depicted in the album’s artwork (above) and the 500 fan-contributed pairs of hands in the album’s booklet, which still needs your help being finished. The album follows a concept based on a story created by Hayato, with each track representing the different emotions that the album’s protagonist experiences throughout the story.

The album’s artwork is as follows:

1. Mother
2. The Seeker
3. Thirst
4. Hope
5. Comfort
6. With Our Hands
7. Grand Annihilation
8. Devoid
9. Hellrise
10. Revenge (of the Geeks)
11. Senjyu
12. Full Moon Night

This is sure to be a great album, and it’s been a long time coming. I remember getting the friend request on MySpace when Cyclamen was getting off the ground and preparing the release of  Dreamers in late 2008 and early 2009. Now, Senjyu is expected to be out by the end of the year. You can get a taste of the album on Cyclamen’s MySpace, where Hayato has uploaded the new album version of “Revenge (of the Geeks).” It is a good example of the band’s sound, capturing both their aggressive dissonant mathcore and post-rock inspired melodic elements.

A release date has not been announced yet, but as stated before, the album will be out before the year’s over. Just in time to make it onto our best of 2010 list?

– JR

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