Ho boy. So yeah, this is the kettle of piranhas I was talking about at the end of the last post. Converge. Con-Verge. Con-Fucking-Verge.

No matter your opinion of them, you can’t deny that they are heavy. Once I accepted and loved them, there really was no going back; no more pansy indie or acoustic pop for me!*

Although at first, I really didn’t. Perhaps my mentor in heavy introduced them too early in the learning process, but even at that point, with Isis and At The Drive-In under my belt, I had that reaction that most of the general public have when they hear something as discordant as….Coheed. Yeah.

It was a little too much too soon. I’m sure I phased most of it out; a travesty, to be sure. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because I fucking love them now.

There are not many like Converge. Oh sure, there are plenty of good hardcore bands. I could write reams about Botch’s influence on me (maybe later). But those with Converge’s almost undefinable quality? Not many.

As well it should have been, my introduction to Converge was by the marvel that is Jane Doe. Forty-four minutes of pure fucking caustic majesty. It’s no wonder I didn’t settle right into hardcore. I mean Concubine; fancy hitting all the drums at once then? Forty-four second-long tracks? How do they work?

But steadily I was broken down. A little communal listening here. Some gentle encouragement there. “Pay attention to this riff man, it’s sick,” “that drum-fill was amazing!” I was just learning to play the guitar, and so these things were of relevant interest to me. Slowly, I started to listen to it myself at home. Now, my parents love my best friend, they really do – but they don’t thank him for Converge.

Jimmy mentioned in his posts about still listening to his formative metal bands only occasionally. Of all the bands from my early days of metal, Converge are the only one I still listen to on a regular basis.  Jane Doe is still my absolute favourite, but the others all hold special tracks for me that introduced me to a multitude of new ways to physically abuse a guitar. Here’s a selection:




Their range is impressive, and their songwriting always fresh. This is what drew me in, but more importantly, what has kept me coming back all this time.

– CG



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