Seattle based avant-garde metallers Hunab Ku are still seeking a guitar player. Apparently the technical prowess of Luke Jaeger has thus far been unchallenged by worthy adversaries. The band has released the following statement:

We’ve been working w guitar player Jamie Lara to take Luke’s place, but unfortunately it hasn’t been working out.  So we are now in the market again for a new guitar player.  If you’re interested please contact us via our myspace, facebook, or email us at [email protected]
We have mp3s, tabs, and videos for the songs.  Please only serious inquiries!  Be able to direct us to some of your prior work.  We’re a very active touring band, so if you think you can shred, grab your balls and email us.

I’d hate to see this band go, as they’re pretty fucking awesome. There’s bound to be a guitar player out there somewhere that is available to play some weird-ass metal, and do it well.

Edit: I posted this late last month, but I’m bumping the post, as it is still very much relevant!

– JR


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