Upon being shown this band, Made Out of Babies, I made the quickest attempt to check out more from them after hearing the track “Cooker” on the album The Ruiner. Nary a band comes by that is metal with a female vocalist, let alone one as jarring, and worthwhile as Julie Christmas. For an overall atmosphere, this group carries an atmosludge feel similar to Neurosis or Harvey Milk, but with occasional dissonant guitar jangles and other nuances that set them so far apart from the aforementioned groups. So far the group has three releases, Trophy, Coward, and The Ruiner. If those other two are as good as The Ruiner is, I’d suggest checking them out for sure. You can also catch a few of their tracks on We Reach: The Music of the Melvins and Triad, a split with some post-sludge bands.


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