One for the British readers. You fancy ‘Mericans and your nationwide metal tours. Well boo and hiss to you, good sirs!

In the wake of the disappointment following England’s disappointing World Cup performance, we have a bit of good news for you. Not that I generally follow football (yes, that’s football, played with the feet…), but it meant no more half-days spent legitimately bunking off work to watch it with the boss. Alas.

To cheer us up (or maybe just because they were doing it anyway), current British metal darlings Architects have announced the support for their autumn headline tour around the UK – and it’s gonna be a good one.

Not only have they drafted in the magnificent Devil Sold His Soul (who I keep harping on about I know, but they really are good), but in what must have been a bit of a coup, they’ve also got Norma Jean to accompany them, which should be good for a mosh or two. I’ll be bringing my knife to the gunfight.

Dates on the poster.

– CG


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