Inspired by GroverXIII of TNOTB’s series of posts regarding nu-metal, Heavy Blog Is Heavy will be counting down the top five reasons why the genre of deathcore is totally full of shit. If you want to throw in your two cents and call me out on missing out a gem that this genre has to offer, mouth off in the comment section. Be sure to check out my Five Reasons Why Deathcore Isn’t Total Shit for some better music. Enjoy!

You will find that breakdowns will be a major theme going this week. Some bands use breakdowns for an actual musical purpose instead of an excuse to mosh, but you won’t be seeing any of that this week. It’s all fucking terrible and contrived palm muted open note chugging, all without polyrhythms to make them technical. This week, we’ll start out small before delving into some real shit. There is just too much terrible music in this genre to do a countdown of the worst of the worst, as I refuse to listen to all of it. Instead, I’m just giving you five examples of terrible deathcore, which get worse each time, unlike last week where I counted down my favorites. Let’s get started, shall we?

So you had to have seen this coming, but I bet you didn’t expect it right away. Oceano, (a.k.a. Blackchapel) are generally hated like none other in the metal community, but that doesn’t stop them from only landing on the #5 spot. There’s very little substance here, and that is quickly subsided by some of the worst breakdowns ever. “Samael The Destroyer” has some intense melodic atmospheric qualities and the instrumental title track “Depths”, while repetitive, is actually very enjoyable until the breakdown at the end, but that doesn’t make up for the rest of the shit that gets shoveled on this album.

The vocals range from terribly average to just terrible messes of slam style mumbling that makes any lyrical content indecipherable. Thanks Oceano, I didn’t know “BRRBRRBRGGR” was a word. I don’t know if Adam is even saying anything or if he’s just trying to make noise and sound as brutal as possible. I’d imagine gargling sand would yield similar results in sound.

The riffs and drumming are standard issue. The fact of the matter here is that when the music isn’t boring and forgettable, it is annoying and obnoxious with no soul, emotion, or any sort of substantial feeling in the music that doesn’t involve just getting pissed off in the worst way possible. Maybe that’s what the band are going for? If so, that’s a fucking stupid idea.

I’m done here. I’ve had to listen to shitty music all morning and I need a palate cleanser. We all know Oceano are shitty. I don’t need to convince you people. Here’s their video for “District of Misery,” which should be proof enough that the genre of deathcore is filled with shitty music.


– JR

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