Inspired by GroverXIII of TNOTB’s series of posts regarding nu-metal, Heavy Blog Is Heavy will be counting down the top five reasons why the genre of deathcore isn’t totally full of shit. Check back every day this week at 3 PM EST for cannon fodder for your flame wars. If you want to throw in your two cents and call me out on missing out a gem that this genre has to offer, mouth off in the comment section. Enjoy!

So far…

#5. The Red Chord – Fed Through The Teeth Machine

#4. Arsonists Get All The Girls – Portals

Arguably the ones who were responsible for the Sumeriancore movement, The Faceless turned some heads when they released their debut album Akeldama in 2006. They took a technical and progressive approach to deathcore, immediately sprinting out of the gate with one of the strongest and most influential debut releases in recent years. You’d be hard pressed to find another band that garnered as much acclaim and recognition as these guys despite only being on the radar for about four years.

Interestingly, Akeldama is a concept album inspired by classic alien sci-fi horror films, filled with eerie alien-sounding melodies and timbres (as heard in “All Dark Graves” and “Horizons of Chaos II: Hypocracy”) to tie the music in with the theme of the album, and it all works convincingly with the lyrical imagery. This theme was carried over to their 2008 follow-up, Planetary Duality, also meeting to a nearly universal acclaim.

Akeldama is only slightly longer than a half hour in length, but still manages to be diverse. Low chugging grooves and deep growling vocals dominate the low end to create some furiously brutal moments which contrast against the melodic death metal sound that tracks “All Dark Graves” and “Leica” take on. This album’s melodeath influence brings forth moments of sheer brilliance that are catchy, as well as awe-inspiring. Needless to say, the proggy instrumental song in which the album takes its name is draw-dropping, to say the least. Imagine Rush and Atheist jamming out a song together, and you have “Akeldama.”

Of course, the album isn’t flawless; a couple of the breakdowns are poorly executed and break up the momentum of the song. However, the album’s high points make these excusable in the long run.  After all, landing gigs with Cynic, Meshuggah, In Flames, and Between the Buried and Me isn’t easy. The Faceless’ progressive and technical take on things not only earned them countless praise, but they also proved that deathcore isn’t total shit.

Here’s “Leica” and “Akeldama”. Apparently the band hasn’t released a music video yet. Go figure.

The Faceless – Leica

The Faceless – Akeldama


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