Parkway Drive

Deep Blue

1. Samsara
2. Unrest
3. Sleepwalker
4. Wreckage
5. Deadweight
6. Alone
7. Pressures
8. Deliver Me
9. Karma
10. Home Is For The Heartless
11. Hollow
12. Leviathan I
13. Set To Destroy

As a lot of us know, it’s been a long time coming for Australian metalcore juggernaut, Parkway Drive. They’ve managed to release two studio albums (not including Deep Blue), an EP, two split albums, and a DVD in a scene where bands are lucky to get a second studio album out in their lifetime. With their latest release, Deep Blue, I’m sure they hope to continue to their streak of success.

Rather than looking at each track individually, Deep Blue BEGS to be taken in all together. The songs by themselves aren’t exactly incredible but the album listened all the way through is a quite engaging experience. Opening with the atmospheric intro, “Samsara”, the mood first sets in. While the album continues, it never once loses it’s pacing, vibe, or immersive value and considering its ferocious tempo changes, this is quite a feat. Deep Blue, when listened all the way through, is a beautiful thing.

Now if you’re looking for something innovative or unique, you may not find much here. Alone, each song sounds like pretty generic metalcore, but like I said, the album doesn’t want to be seen in individual tracks. What’s remarkable about it however is how immersive it gets you once you give it a chance. If you’re an open minded listener with a good 40-50 minutes to kill, I absolutely recommend giving Deep Blue a solid chance.

Parkway Drive – Deep Blue gets



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