Today, Swedish modern metal 6-piece Soilwork posted a new song titled “Deliverance is Mine” which has its own music video coming soon. If you’re one of the many, many people who haven’t heard the new record (like me), then this is good news. I personally like the song. We all know they aren’t the same Soilwork from 10 years ago, nor do I wish they were, so you need to see it for what it is now and not what you wish it was. The band has evolved, and evolution is integral to a band, for better or for worse. So head on over to their Myspace for a listen! It features a fairly catchy chorus, some nice riffs and a killer solo. What do you guys think? Is Soilwork still good or did they fall into the same sellout cesspool years ago and now they’re forever doomed?

The Panic Broadcast drops July 2nd in Europe and July 13th in America through Nuclear Blast Records.



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