I can say with a straight face that Ion Dissonance is far from my favorite band. Does this make them bad? Not at all. I’m just picky about my mathcore. I disliked the first two records because of the vocals, but they seemed to evolve and mature with their 2007 release, Minus the Herd. It was good, but nowhere near amazing. I happened to stumble across the teaser for their new record Cursed and I must say they really seem to be growing. Sure, it may be a little too early to pass judgment but nothing wrong with being optimistic, right? The title of the album really seems to fit the music. Check it out right here:


If the vocals are more or less the same as Minus the Herd I have a feeling this is going to be pretty damn good. Really loving that repeating lead. Very sinister and adds a lot of depth. Reminds me of the two-note guitar that Meshuggah did on obZen. Regardless, consider me excited.

Cursed comes out on August 23rd in Europe through Basick Records and August 24th in America on Century Media Records.



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