If I haven’t already expressed my undying love for Uneven Structure, then I will now. They are, as I’ve said in a previous post, a band that epitomizes good music. Djent may be new, but I already feel that Uneven Structure are a master of it despite only having an EP out. So in my attempts hopefully deliver some good, exclusive content, I went straight for this man: Igor Omodei (also known by the monikers of Iggy and Eggeh), one of the genius guitarists and songwriters behind Uneven Structure. Within hours of emailing him, I got some answers.

NOTE: English is not his first language so if there’s something you don’t understand I apologize.


Introduce yourself for those who might not know who you are!

I’m Igor “Iggy” Omodei, I play guitar and write stuff for Uneven Structure

Uneven Structure is probably the most badass name in metal. How did you guys come up with it?

Haha, the explanation may be a bit less badass actually. It has nothing to do with the fact we use odd time signatures and unusually long song structures. Actually we’ve been looking for a name that would represent something like floating islands or weird architectural structures, deep, complex and big. It all ended up on Uneven Structure!

You guys released an incredible EP, 8, in December last year to a lot of positive feedback and I personally thought the lyrics were as amazing as the music. Who wrote the lyrics and what’s the whole lyrical theme behind it?

Thanks! Lyrics were written by Daniel and me. It’s all about the “egg or the chicken” dilemma. If divinities induced fanaticism or if it is fanaticism that created these, seen through this eyes of an oracle.

So you guys are also working on your debut full-length entitled Februus. I know you guys have said it’s going to sound different than 8, but can you explain in what ways? Is all the aggressive, rhythmic djenty goodness still there?

It will indeed be different, in many ways. There were some stuff like ambiances and progressions which were in the background on 8 and that will take much more place on Februus, to nail an atmosphere. We really want people to listen to this album and get lost in it, loose ground, like when you read a fat book or listen to ambient music, without being ambient music. There will of course still be aggressiveness, groove and a djenty tone because that’s what we like, but we try to use that carefully so it serves the music as a part of it instead of being the whole point of it.

On that note, any new details about the record or are you guys keeping it under wraps? Like plans to release a new song soon? Maybe artwork, tracklisting or lyrical themes? A POTENTIAL RELEASE DATE?! Any news to ease the long wait!

No release is planned yet, at the moment we’re finishing the pre-production of the album and it’s exciting to hear the whole thing working so well! What I can talk about for now is that the main theme is evolution, not evolution of mankind or anything, but just the concept of evolution. The whole album consists of three “movements”, each one being defined by a specific progression and mood. We’ll try to keep you all warm with updates more often than before during the next weeks!

I noticed ‘The Uneven Boyz’ (as you humorously call yourselves on MySpace) were looking for a new vocalist and you think you found someone. Any news on that? Are we going to expect a similar vocal style as 8 on the new record or will it be an entirely new approach?

We’ll come up with some snippets involving our singer and his announcement soon! As for the vocals, expect much more richness for Februus. Don’t get me wrong, Daniel “Mynd” Ädel (Vildhjarta) did an awesome job, that suited really well to 8, but Februus is not a 65mn long 8.

Are you guys planning to tour after Februus is released or are have you guys been too busy finishing the album to discuss touring?

Yes we’re planning to tour and we’re extensively working now to get everything right for the right moment, takes time and sweat but things starts to get a good shape!

Lastly, I’ve noticed a lot of musicians tend to listen to music that isn’t in the same genre that they play. What kind of music do you usually listen to? Any albums you’ve had on repeat recently or think kick so much ass that it deserves a mention? I know I’m always looking for good music.

I don’t listen to specific music, the genre is really dependent to the mood I am in. Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictaphones, a great “dark jazz” band, David Sylvian‘s Approaching the Silence, it’s an ambient album made with real instruments and has a really special atmosphere I enjoy and worC‘s PLYCHRMATIC 0.1. Ok it’s lame he’s in Uneven Structure too but I enjoyed that drone album so much I couldn’t let it go!

Thank you for taking time to answer these! Any last words?

No problems! As for a last word, BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


Like he said, no release date for Februus yet, but you can bet your ass it’s gonna be good (and apparently 65 minutes). Go ahead and check out their music on Myspace before you download the FREE EP from their website. Huge thanks to Igor for taking time out of his day at work to answer a couple of questions! Stay tuned! I’ll be posting any Uneven Structure news when it’s available!


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