This is where it started for me. These two bands captivated me, and really, really pulled me into a whole new world of music. I had heard of all the newly popular nu-metal acts at the time and they were kinda fun, but when I heard the first random collection of songs I had downloaded per request of a friend at the time it was something different with these two. It was the first time I had heard vocals as outrageous as these, and Otep was surely the heaviest thing I’d ever heard at that point. I thought that the classical influence in Cradle of Filth was unheard of in such a band, and the raw emotion of Otep was easy to hear and I sucked it up like a baby does breast milk at that age.


That song alone is pretty much responsible for me listening to metal. I loved the dark atmosphere, the quick, and beautiful style underneath the harsh vocals and blasting drums. It was something I really had never heard. Midian is still a pretty cool album I give a spin every once in a while, honestly. Not but a few days after I bought Nymphetamine and was rocking the bands shirts I had got from Hot Topic all the time. Even though these guys are black metal for mall goths, it wasn’t until a long time later I learned to enjoy black metal.


To no surprise, at the time, I thought the emotion and poetry from this band was mind  blowing and on some kind of new level. Obviously, it wasn’t. But you know how things go when you’re young. Otep‘s deep throaty processed vocals prepared me for the more raw style of death metal vocals I came to love. Very quickly after this I had caught my first glimpses of death metal and was once again immersed in something totally foreign to me.




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