California tech-death masters Decrepit Birth recently posted a new song from their upcoming album, Polarity, set for release on July 27th through Nuclear Blast Records. Diminishing Between Worlds, their previous effort, is easily one of my favorite albums of all time with its angular riffing, dimensional/spacey leads and overall brilliant composure that manages to fuse incredible technicality without sounding pretentious, so naturally, I was stoked when I found out a new song was posted.

My Thoughts:

Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find out that the new song “(A Departure of the Sun) Ignite the Tesla Coil”, was actually a step down from their previous work. The recent departure of KC Howard and Dan Eggers, their ex-drummer and guitarist, had no effect on the new album as it was recorded before their farewell, but it certainly feels like their presence is absent here. The song opens with a very odd guitar lead that almost sounds like a Christmas song at around 0:32 before the song explodes into your run-of-the-mill Decrepit Birth riffing/drumming. Then comes Bill and his atypical yet amazing growls. Surely my description doesn’t seem all that bad, right? After all, who doesn’t like Christmas and brutal death metal? Well, in a sense it’s not bad, but it’s not up to the quality that I heard from Diminishing Between Worlds. It lacks the infectious leads and overall coherency of Diminishing Between Worlds. Coherency and tech-death? Who knew?

On top of that, the drums are horribly overproduced. Bill sounds great as usual (albeit a little lower in the mix) and the guitars don’t stray too far from the sound of the previous effort, but the drums are extremely artificial. Now, I’m not some kvlt elitist who nitpicks production and I certainly don’t hate crystal clear sound, but there’s a threshold of studio-ness that I can take and the new song just goes a little too far. I can’t decide if the snare or the double bass sound worse. Either way, I’m not too pleased with the new song.

As with their previous album, there’s a few songs that lack a Decrepit Birth signature. I hope, I really hope, that this is just one of those songs, because if the new album turns out like this I will be a sad panda. And hopefully with CD quality the disgusting-ness of the production will dissipate.

You can hear the song on their Myspace. Let me know what you think of it through the comments.

– MK


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