I Am Abomination
To Our Forefathers

01. Since 1776
02. Thoughtcrime Is Death
03. Cataclysm
04. The Deceiver
05. Rock N’ No Soul
06. Invisible Titans
07. Greetings From Easter Island
08. Art Attack
09. Creatures Of The Night
10. Element 151

The community seems split on metalcore bands with technical prowess who stick to cleanly sung vocals throughout the majority of their music as is the case in Periphery and Protest the Hero. I, however, find nothing wrong with bands utilizing singers that know what the hell they’re doing, and I Am Abomination seem to be doing just that with their debut album To Our Forefathers.

I Am Abomination have moments reminiscent of the aforementioned Protest the Hero and Between The Buried And Me, with melodic sweeping riffs and spiraling guitar leads, with a slight touch of stuttering djent riffs here and there, as best showcased in their opening track “Since 1776”. Their post-hardcore sound gives a more punk-rockish feel at times rather than metal, but that doesn’t make it any less good. There’s also a slight electronic influence taking place, with programmed beats, stuttering vocal effects, and arpeggiating synth runs that add a slight industrial flavor when they pop up. All of this ends up in a tight prog-tinged instrumental front that is sure to please those into this style of music.

The vocals on this album are superb, soaring over the music with hooks and melodies that will capture your attention, sure to be stuck in your head later on. To Our Forefathers is a concept album of sorts, with a running criticism of the political state our country is in, taking an Orwellian outlook on things. The opening moments of the album sum it up quite well in “Since 1776.”

“To our Forefathers, with love. Thanks for tearing the world apart.”

The album is filled with lyrics surrounding the idea of a “Big Brother” watching over us and a government operating under the facade of freedom, when conspiracy lies behind the curtain. This lyrical concept, when sung in this style and coupled with the music, lends this sort of epic feel to the album.

As I’ve said above, fans of bands like Periphery and Protest the Hero should find that I Am Abomination’s To Our Forefathers borders on great. While they don’t quite reach that level of sheer amazement, I feel that they have all the potential in the world of doing this. I just hope the Illuminati doesn’t stop them before they get too big.

I Am Abomination –  To Our Forefathers gets…


– JR

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