Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors is still one of the greatest music submissions we’ve had over here at Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Drew can write some pretty sick grooves and jams, and his two previous releases were awesome. So when he announced a new EP in the style of technical death metal, I was immediately excited.

The wait is now over, and Drewsif Stalin has a new Musical Endeavor for you to feast your ears upon, and it is delicious.

<a href="http://drewsifstalin.bandcamp.com/album/delusions-of-a-greater-future">Festering World by Drewsif Stalin&#8217;s Musical Endeavors</a>

You can stream and download the album for free via the above player. It is so worth your time, it pays you back by adding a couple of hours to your life. Trust me, it does. It’s science.

If you dig the tunes, check out his other stuff over at his Bandcamp page.

– JR


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