This Or The Apocalypse

Haunt What’s Left

1. Charmer

2. Subverse

3. The Incoherent

4. Lamindae

5. Hellish

6. Toro

7. Backlit

8. Hayseed

9. Deadringer

10. Revenant

If you’ve kept up with my posts at all, you already know that I am a huge fan of Lancaster metalcore outfit, This Or The Apocalypse. Well, I had the pleasure of not only seeing the band Saturday night, but also purchasing a solid copy of the still unreleased album, Haunt What’s Left. I’m sure I can speak for a large audience that we are aware of the stigma that metalcore caries and I’ve always looked to this band to help alleviate that. In short, I had high hopes for this album.

After listening, I found Haunt Whats Left to be pretty multifaceted album, each song having it’s own distinct vibe. There’s angry sounding songs like “Charmer” and “Hellish” and likewise, there’s the melodic “Subverse” and “Lamindae”. There’s “Toro” which is a straight-ahead metalcore rocker (relatively speaking) and “The Incoherent” which dabbles into the area of djent heavily.

Actually, I find one of the most appealing as well as interesting aspects of the record is just how much more “djenty” it is in comparison to the band’s older material as well other bands in the genre. While every song shows some of the characteristics, the song that really embraces this theme more than any other is “The Incoherent”. The song, “Hellish” also goes in that direction while at the same time, playing with some Egyptian sounding riffage (see After The Burial‘s “Cursing Ahkenaten”). This all just shows how really flexible This Or Apocalypse is, especially considering that I haven’t even touched on the melodiousness that the band has to offer. On the melodic side of things, we have songs like “Subverse” and “Lamindae”. Now, just because these songs are both melodic doesn’t make them the same. “Lamindae” utilizes catchy, fun metalcore riffs while “Subverse” keeps a more heartfelt, endearing vibe. While there are songs that stay to one end of the spectrum or the other, songs like “Toro” and “Hayseed” use the best of both worlds, melodic and angry.

While there’s a lot of good things to say about Haunt What’s Left, there’s also some notable negative feedback to be made. While near as obnoxious as other bands, there is a pretty clear reliance on breakdowns here (no big surprise there). Also as with most bands that make this change, the introduction of clean vocals are somewhat hard to ingest. While there’s plenty of good riffing going on in the record, none of it is really breaking any molds but when it comes to metalcore, that’s to be expected.

There isn’t tremendous ground being broken here but if you ask me, it’s a step in the right direction, a step that more metalcore bands should take. This Or The Apocalypse is playing some catchy yet clever music and if you’re a fan of metalcore or perhaps you’re looking for something with a little more depth than you find with bands in the genre, it could very well be a good piece to get your hands on.

This Or The Apocalypse – Haunt What’s Left gets



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