Oh lordy. Announced last night, Minnesota’s own Iron Thrones are proud to present their new album The Wretched Sun, which will be hitting your earholes on July 27th.

It was revealed via a three minute video posted on their YouTube channel, the soundtrack to which was a section of one of the new songs. Rather than steal their thunder though, I’ll let them tell you about it themselves.



Since hearing about them through Scion’s ‘No Label Needed’ contest, I’ve been pretty nuts about them, as their debut album Visions of Light was a sweeping masterpiece that yours truly gave the coveted HBIH 5/5 sticker. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to a) because it’s awesome, b) because it’s free and c) because did I mention it’s awesome?

As such, I’m pretty stoked for this album, and pending it also being awesome, it should give me a further chance to pimp them in my end of year list (yep, year’s only half down but I’m already thinking about it!). Iron Thrones seem like super cool dudes, and genuinely deserve your support.

EDIT: updated thanks to info from The Number of the Blog, .jpg artwork and tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Like a Moth to Flame
  2. Ever Flowing
  3. Against the Grain
  4. I Once Had the Crown
  5. Forever Glowing
  6. And the Sky Came Falling Down

Aww, issa poem. Isn’t that nice?

Seems that I stepped on Jimmy’s toes slightly with this post, as he had one scheduled, but I had planned to do this when I heard last night. Alas; sleepy time called, but that’ll serve him right for stealing my article ideas *mumblegrumbleplotplotplot*…

So until 27th July…

– CG

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