This is the new Whitechapel video, “The Darkest Day of Man” directed by David Brodsky. While watching, I realized that Brodsky basically does two things: trippy, effect laden performance shots, and weird cartoons. Notice how the band are performing while some crazy video effects and lights are added to create a trippy look, and it cuts back and forth to some strange cartoon thing. Now, look at these other videos.





Okay, so the Suicide Silence video didn’t have a cartoon and the Born of Osiris video didn’t have trippy effects, but you get the point. It’s all running together and starting to look the same, which makes sense when the music is beginning to do that. However, Brodsky must have directed over a hundred music videos at this point so it’s hard to keep coming up with new shit every time, and why fix something if it’s not broken?

Even still, I think my point still stands. I think David Brodsky is starting to run out of ideas.

– JR


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