EDIT: Everything seems to be in order now. Thank you, God.

If you notice any problems, let me know.

So I updated HBIH to WordPress 3.0 and started working on my next Bands That Made Me Heavy post. I then realize the following bullshit:

  1. I can’t add post tags, as the drop down menu doesn’t work
  2. There’s no longer a place to change the post’s permalink.
  3. I can’t change the publish time/date as the link to do that doesn’t do anything, so I can’t write automatically set posts to appear at a later time.
  4. The Upload/Insert picture/movie/music buttons, instead of having a pop up menu, take me away from the post editor page to a new page.
  5. The Preview button doesn’t work for shit.

I’m all kinds of FUCKING RAGE right now. If WordPress doesn’t fix this issue, then I don’t know how I’m going to keep doing this. As I’m typing this, I’m not even sure if it can even make posts. If I can’t, then there will be a new level of pissed off I have yet to reach and I’ll just RAGE QUIT this thing. Obviously, if you see this now, that wasn’t the case.

So until WordPress fixes this or something, you wont see many updates. I’ll be at work all day, so any issues won’t be addressed until I get home. Until then, go out and see Toy Story 3 or something.

– JR


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